Legal Compliance Register

Our product summarises all of the legislation which applies to your organisation and keeps that information up to date. We do the job of working out which legislation applies to you and what your obligations are.

Our products offer the following benefits:

  • a cost effective solution which makes legislative compliance easy and which is immediately available to you
  • a single centralised system which monitors compliance with all relevant obligations
  • a solution which is specifically designed to remove the time which can be spent determining what laws apply to your organisation and keeping abreast of changes to those laws
  • a system which is comprehensive and summarises all relevant Commonwealth and State Acts and Regulations which apply to your organisation
  • a system which allows organisations to easily communicate legislative changes
  • a system which assists organisations to satisfy accreditation and regulatory compliance standards
  • an easy method for organisations to identify all of the legislation relevant to them and to take steps to ensure compliance with laws, so as to minimise the risk of fines, prosecutions, complaints and litigation.

Given our economies of scale, we are able to provide an off the shelf and inexpensive solution. Which products you buy depends on the needs of your organisation. Our products can be received via our website or via software providers.

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Our products are designed to assist:

  • aged care providers to meet the regulatory compliance requirements of the Accreditation Standards as contained in the Quality of Care Principles 2014 (Cth)
  • organisations meet NSQHS Standard 1.1.1 which requires organisations to ‘develop or adopt a legislative compliance system that incorporates a compliance register to ensure the organisation is kept regularly and reliably updated and responds to relevant regulatory changes, compliance issues and case law’.
Regulatory compliance Lawyers Melbourne

The Compliance Register is a set of registers which covers all Commonwealth and State Acts and Regulations which impact on your organisation – broken down on a subject by subject basis.

The Compliance Register is comprehensive and comprises of core topics such as:

  • Building and Infrastructure
  • Competition and Consumer Law
  • Corporate Services
  • Employment and Discrimination
  • Environment Protection
  • Finance and Superannuation
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Privacy, Freedom of Information, and Confidentiality

Depending on your activities subscribers also receive a number of other modules which are relevant to their organisation. Topics covered include:

  • Adoption Services
  • Aged Care and Disability Services
  • Animals and Wildlife
  • Births and Deaths
  • Client Rights
  • Clinical Issues
  • Counselling Services
  • Diseases
  • Drug and Alcohol Services
  • Education Services
  • Food
  • Fundraising
  • Housing and Accommodation
  • Medicare
  • Mental Health
  • Minors and Children's Services
  • Registered Training Organisations
  • Regulation of Health Professionals
  • Research
  • Transport Services

We will always develop customised modules for any regulatory requirements which your organisation is required to meet.

In order to keep you up to date we update the Compliance Register on a quarterly basis. As part of our service, we filter the relevant legislation and regulatory changes, and then summarise all relevant changes in a clear, easy to understand language. We also identify the practical impact of each new legislative requirement.

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corporate compliance services

We have also developed a series of self-assessment questions which subscribers can use to test their compliance with relevant legislative obligations.

The questions are amended each quarter to reflect the legislative changes which have been made during that period. In effect, these questions allow organisations to self-audit their own compliance.

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grc compliance

Each quarter we can send you handouts which cover (in an easy to understand way) the key changes brought about by each new Act or Regulation and what steps we recommend you take to comply with the new requirements.

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compliance risk management

In response to client demand, we have developed a new compliance alert service which complements our existing legislative compliance products and services.

The alert service provides you with advanced warning of the commencement of new significant Acts and Regulations.

“Significant” means those which will have a significant operational impact on our clients. As part of this alert, we provide you with a summary of the key changes and a link to the relevant legislation.

This alert service will allow you to prepare for new legislation before it has commenced.

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Legislative Compliance Training

From our perspective:

  • understanding where a legislative obligation fits within a policy framework can be difficult, and
  • organisations often don’t have sufficient resources to keep their policies legally up to date.

Our new service aims to assist organisations to overcome these issues. As part of our new quarterly update service subscribers are given:

  • guidance about the types of policies that may be affected by a legislative change,
  • suggested working for relevant policies to allow subscribers to modify their own policies, and
  • completely new policies if Acts in new areas of law are introduced (or existing Acts are substantially re-written).

The feedback on this service has been terrific.

  • “In a word – Great!”
  • “All the background, time-consuming work done for us”
  • “Easy to read and understand”
  • “Clearly informs us what legislation affects the organisation, what policies and procedures are affected and wording to be included/changed in our P&P”
  • “Makes it easy to direct the action for change/amendment – the rest is up to us”
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Law Compliance Register

To complement our legislative compliance service, we also provide a range of compliance review services.
Law Compliance has assisted compliance clients with the following value adding projects:

  • Compliance Audits
  • Policy Gap Analyses
  • Policy Review and Development
  • Compliance Risk Assessment and Risk Rating
  • Legislative Compliance Training for Executives and Managers

We are experts in the field of legislative compliance and the practical application of compliance tools.

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governance risk and compliance

Each quarter we summarise the key cases which have considered the legislation which impacts on your organisation as well as other areas of risk.

This Case Law Update reflects the requirements of NSQHS Standard 1.1.1 which requires as a key task that organisation be kept regularly and reliably updated on relevant case law.

In addition to the areas covered by the Compliance Register, the Case Law Update covers new case law throughout Australia in relation to:

  • Consent and Informed Decision-Making
  • Medical Negligence
  • Contracts
  • Clinical and Corporate Governance
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In response to client demand, Law Compliance has expanded its product range to cover NHMRC Approved Standards and Guidelines.  Clients can now receive Registers, Self-Assessment Questions, Training Brochures and Alerts for each of the Approved Standards and Guidelines.