Legal Compliance in Healthcare: Be a Low-Risk Organisation in a High-Risk Industry

Health care providers operate in one of the most high-risk and highly regulated industries, which is why legal compliance within the healthcare sector is vital. At Law Compliance, we specialise in providing health care providers with an easy to use, cost effective solution that makes legislative compliance simple. If you’re running a hospital, legal compliance is extremely important, as it is within any organisation.

Law Compliance have created a number of products that have been specifically designed to assist health service organisations to meet accreditation requirements under the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. To put it simply, we make legal compliance within healthcare easy, and simple so that you can concentrate on everything else that running a healthcare organisation requires.

Medical Clinic and Hospital Legal Compliance: Why Us?

As a key task, National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard 1.7 requires organisations to adapt or proceed to develop a legislative compliance system. This system must incorporate a full compliance register to ensure that all policies, procedures and protocols are updated and managed regularly. This register will need to reliably respond to relevant regulatory changes, compliance issues and case law.

The dedicated team at Law Compliance do this by summarising all Commonwealth and State laws that apply to your organisation, and secondly, providing you with a single system to ensure that you are kept regularly and reliably updated on any relevant regulatory changes. Over 85 public hospitals across Australia trust and rely on our compliance services, as well as large private national healthcare providers. Our products and services are also provided to community health centres, Primary Health Networks and pathology and radiology providers.

Make the Right Decision for Your HealthCare Organisation Today

The specialist team of experienced lawyers at Law Compliance are available to discuss your healthcare and hospital legal compliance requirements today. Our goal is to make sure your organisation fully achieves legislative compliance without any hassles.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our services please visit Law Compliance or call us on 1300 862 667.