Legislative Compliance in Education: Take a Comprehensive and Effective Approach

As pillars of our society, education providers are held to the highest of standards. Fines, prosecutions, complaints and litigation carry serious reputational risk alone. Providing education services also means that there are countless laws that regulate the industry, which are constantly being updated and changed. This is why is it so important to have a comprehensive legislative compliance program.

Our clients have a strong focus on ensuring they are aware of all laws that apply to them and have systems to ensure they are kept up to date on changes to those laws.  We provide that comfort to our clients, and have done so, without issue, since 2003.

Our legal compliance products offer the following benefits:

  • a single centralised system which is specifically designed to remove the time which can be spent determining what laws apply to your organisation and keeping on top of changes to those laws;
  • a cost-effective solution which makes legislative compliance simple and which is immediately available to you; and
  • an intuitive and user-friendly tool with additional reporting functionality available making it easy to create both detailed and high-level reports for Quality and Risk Managers and Boards.

Many education providers around Australia, ranging from schools to Universities and TAFEs trust and rely on our compliance services. Call us on 1300 862 667 today to speak to one of our lawyers and help us tailor a compliance program to meet your needs.