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The aged care sector is currently in the spotlight, with continuous reports of non-compliance prompting the introduction of the new Aged Care Quality Standards and a Royal Commission. Don’t fall in to the same category as other organisations and let things slide; Aged Care should be a reliable care system for all elderly people, without any controversy or issues arising.

With this increased focus on compliance, our goal is to help ensure that every different organisation we work with stays on the right side of the law, without experiencing any difficulties. All of our products have been carefully crafted to assist aged care providers across the country to meet all regulatory compliance requirements of the Accreditation Standards contained in the Quality of Care Principles.

Legal Compliance for Aged Care: Stay on Top of Your Obligations

By using our unique legislative compliance tools, Law Compliance is able to help you stay on top of your obligations, by firstly, summarising all Commonwealth and State laws that apply to your organisation, and secondly, providing you with a single system to ensure that you are kept regularly and reliably updated on any relevant regulatory changes.

The Aged Care system is used to help the elderly and their family members and friends that don’t have the means to take care of them to the best of their ability, which is why legal compliance within aged care is extremely important. Abiding by the law in order to ensure that the elderly receive the full support, and quality care that they truly deserve when it’s so badly needed is essential. At Law Compliance, we’re aware of the negative occurrences that can happen within organisations when they fail to comply, which is why we have tailored Aged Care products that cover the development of policies and procedures, as well as OH&S Compliance products designed to help employers within their businesses.

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